About Avenue 8

Avenue 8 Studios, was founded in 2005 by 3 veteran wedding photographers to consolidate their resources and reduce overheads therefore making wedding photography rates more competitive and affordable for couples. Today, the Avenue 8 Network comprises of several companies, that produce photos and videos for a wide range of genres. Their experience over the last 15 years has served more than 2000 couples, SMEs, big corporations and several renowned brands.

The Avenue 8 Network is a group of photographic companies that came together to support each other. Running a business alone can be quite challenging and resources may be limited but in this network we are always ready to assist each other when needed. This Network helps these companies market their brand, source for leads, process their back-end editing work, and even for some, their accounting matters. The mission of the network is to enable photographers and video producers to concentrate on their most important tasks – to capture and create.

Within this network of creatives, we have photographers and video producers who are able to create work for a wide range of genres. This range covers weddings, family, pets and graduation portraits as well as corporate events and executive portraits. Commercial photography and video production for apparel, food, products, interior, exterior architecture & property listing videos are also available. In the last year, we have added Video Live Streaming to our list of services for both corporate, commercial and weddings.

Moving forward, we hope to expand our network and serve more creatives in the future. Giving them the ability to run their own business with as little worries as possible, thus allowing them to make time for more important things in their lives. If you are a Creative looking for business support, do drop us an email at hello@avenue8.com.sg and we could meet to discuss how The Avenue 8 Network can serve you and help your business grow. We look forward to serving you soon.

Please stay safe and take care. 

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