Avenue 8 Studios, founded in 2005 by 3 veteran wedding photographers to consolidate their resources and reduce overheads therefore making wedding photography rates more competitive and affordable for our couples. Today, the Avenue 8 Network has several companies, who photographs weddings, newborn, family, graduation& pet portraits, products like food and apparel, interior design and exterior architecture. Their experience over the last 15 years has served more than 1000 couples, SMEs, big corporations and famous brands. 

The Avenue 8 Network is a group of photographic companies that came together to support each other. Running a business by oneself can be quite challenging and resources may be limited but in this network we are always ready to assist each other when needed. The Avenue 8 Network helps these companies market their brand, source for leads, process their back-end editing work, and even for some, their accounting matters. The mission of the network is to enable photographers and video producers in the network to concentrate on their most important tasks - to capture and create.