Avenue 8 Studios was founded in 2005 by 3 professional wedding photographers who were very passionate about their craft. Their aim was to centralize and share resources for the benefit of couples so that they could save costs and help their clients save more too! 

They also took on aspiring photographers who had potential and wanted to make wedding photography their career. They took them under their wings and nurtured them until they had enough experience to operate by themselves independently. Today there are about 10 practicing wedding photographers who have spent their initial years with Avenue 8 Studios and are doing well in the industry. 

Today with the 3 founders retired from the wedding photography arena, the company is now left in the hands of Bernard Teo and Kelvin J. Lim. Avenue 8 Studios still operates with that same vision of helping couples capture their life's best moments at an affordable rate comfortable to their budgets.

Avenue 8 Studios now operates as a network connecting the photographers who used to be part of the company and have since left to set up their own photography businesses to clients who are looking for photographers to fulfill their requirements. Their aim is to build a community of photographers by photographers supporting each other with a common set of resources and experiences to back each other up.

Wedding photography makes up the majority of their business but they also photograph family and/or graduation portraits, pet portraits, newborn portraits, personal events like birthday and anniversary celebrations, editorial fashion shoots, food photography and styling, residential and commercial property interior shoots, products shots for marketing, and much more.